Dr. Martin Blaser • Antibiotics, Resistance, and YOUR Microbes – Is the future bleak?

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I think we have all wanted to know – Did that dirt you ate as a child build you a stronger immune system? Should you use antibiotics every time you get a bacterial infection?

As antibiotic use grows, we are seeing a rapid decline in the diversity of our microbiomes and a rapid increase in OBESITY, DIABETES, ALLERGIES, and AUTISM. WHAT even is a MICROBIOME? WHY is it so CRUCIAL to our HEALTH? Can we use POOP to cure our ‘modern plagues’? I believe this is going to be the challenge our generation faces.

In this episode, Oliver and Honor interview eminent scientist and author of ‘Missing Microbes’, Dr. Martin Blaser, MD leading the research on the microbiome and the drastic, real-world effects that antibiotics have been having on it.

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